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At SAVOR, we aspire to design a visitor experience so aligned, so delicious, and so indelible that it will live as your signature food offering for years to come.

Curating stories through food creates a powerful bond between people, place and time. And in an instant, a flavor, a taste or a familiar aroma transports us all to a memory - a snapshot in time with family and friends. That is the power of food.

We strive to build on those moments. We seek out partnerships with local chefs, restauranteurs and farmers, who will help us shape a singular dining experience known only at your venue, set within the unique backdrop of your community.

We showcase who we are by focusing on where we are, customizing experiences that leave a unique impression on guests, every time they dine with us.

our story

SAVOR grows out of a 40 year history of supporting economic development within civic venues through hundreds of communities. Our devoted chefs craft dishes gathering inspiration from the diverse cultures of the areas we serve, assembling innovative menus and memorable experiences.

Our heritage and sensibility drives our promise of keeping things local, sharing the unique character of our neighborhoods, giving back to the community and developing plates that crave a sense of place. It’s why we individually tailor operations, menus and our supply chain to cater to the local area and partner with the businesses who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. We strive to keep the greater part of every dollar we earn within the communities we serve.


SAVOR’s unmatched dedication to client stewardship raises the bar on partnership—inspired by the warmth and welcoming everyday people we meet, fortified by our national reach and our historical commitment to the pursuit of community.

Through the history of our company there have been three pillars that support our brand.

SAVOR throws the weight of decades of national experience behind our hyper-local approach and commitment to hospitality.

We believe that when our team is operating in unison with a common service goal, that we will anticipate your needs before those needs can be expressed. Often before you may recognize that you have a need.

We teach that this is the difference between good service and superior service.

The principle is simple: when we anticipate client’s wishes and needs, it demonstrates that we are paying close attention.

We express this deep connection to our clients through the careful tailoring of our services at each venue, set within the region in which they operate.

SAVOR is nothing without the people and businesses who support our operations.

Together, with our network of vendor partners, we nurture and harvest, transport and package, prepare and serve, manage and create, knowing that together we are a stronger partner for you when we are more connected and tightly knit into your community.

Time and again we see that our food can be a powerful catalyst that brings people together for a common cause, so we actively give back. We log thousands of hours of service in the neighboring areas to the causes that are meaningful to the city.

Living in and loving the communities we serve infuses us with a craving for creative dishes, chef driven menus, and a passion for local eating through the seasons.

We have always been inspired by the bond between farmers and chefs, and how it can be adapted for their community.

We will look into your community to find partners who have a passion for local eating. We believe that passion translates in to taste.

As we get to know the people of your city, we work very hard to shape our menus around the culture of the community. It is also why we collaborate with local producers to feature their handiwork, the goal is to offer a sense of place on every plate we serve.




SAVOR will tailor a hyper-local approach that offers chef-driven creativity, seasonally available local ingredients and distinguished hospitality that seamlessly aligns to the venues we operate to the communities they serve.

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