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The (Venue Name) is the number one entertainment and sports venue in the (Region). Home to the (Venue Tenant), the (Venue Name) is within close proximity to downtown (City Name), and over 25,000 first-class hotel rooms.

You name it – concerts, festivals, family friendly attractions, conventions, general sessions, special events, national television productions, and sports events of all kind – the (Venue Name) is (Citys’ Name) premier facility for a wide array of events.

SMG, the world leader in private management of public assembly facilities, has managed the (Venue Name) since (Date SMG began management). SMG’s expertise in handling all types of programming, from sold out concerts to private functions, will enhance your entire event experience. This first class facility, combined with SMG’s in-house services and superior customer service, will ensure a successful and memorable program for you, your client, guests and attendees.

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